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Sacred Space Musings

Sacred Space Musings

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What is it that ignites and stirs that expansive spirit, touches deep and uplifts you in myriad ways? From the minutest expression of it in nature, holy sites, beings, thoughts and various avenues that we live by through our being on many levels. In these every day moments of this vast expanse of space is a beautiful dance of sacredness we can behold. 

Enjoy your sacred journey

In the waft of the breeze, in the ripple of water, in the subtle scent of the elements,

in all beauty that enfolds with light, feel the presence of the vast sacred space 


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I am Sai Sumana P (PhD), a certified Reiki Master with a background in Pharma.

Travel within inner and outer spaces has always been an interest particularly being in silence and feeling the spiritual dimension and energies. In this regard, I think we can find the greatest treasure in the vast expanse of pristine nature, varied sacred sites that humanity has built over ages, a gamut of creative expressions of art and culture, and various sacred beings just as we that have touched this earthly plane in some manner.


Earliest memory on this quest began before school years even before I could give it some expression. Riding a bike in solitude in nature along a green belt of land with a soft breeze gently wafting when visiting rural India, would be the most cherished moments as a child. A vast expanse of a serene presence seemed to engulf my being and everything around, blurring the boundaries and it left a lasting impression. Little did I know I was in touch with some aspect of life that was just more palpable in those moments and always looked towards this quiet space every summer.


   Many such instances were later felt in the presence of Baba for more than a decade, where time seemed to stand still and an overwhelming feeling of touching an expanse of spirit began to articulate. Whenever Baba spoke of the deep spiritual truths in many discourses, watching and listening to Him were like soul food and left an indelible mark in my journey. With time, longed to recapture the still expansive moments through the outdoors, sacred site travels, different spiritual paths, journaling experiences as I was in touch with it or having profound insights in waking or dream state. Also meditation, through the inner support of various Masters which gave a true meaning to experiential living of the presence within and without always and everywhere as sacred space.


This blog on varied topics is to touch your own inner quest in whatever way it may support or inspire you towards.


A loving welcome to your sacred presence. Namaskaram.

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Creative Media Work

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Journey of a Lifetime

India holds many spiritual and beautiful sacred spaces. Likewise many countries of Mother Earth shine with a deep presence.

   I am passionate about creative media content (journals, print, web, documentaries, channels), in the context of bringing forth different spaces in capturing their deep spiritual presence and  significance along with their inner and outer beauty. 


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