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Gratitude to the Five Elements

Feel the Elements as your Divine Body Temple.

Five Elements

Every day as we awake and arise, go about the day and go back to sleep and so on with the cycle, do we take the time to feel the five elements that gave us this unique intelligent structure called body? Let's stop for a while and be present with the elements and offer our gratitude.

Morning Ritual

We all love to have a morning ritual that gets us in sync for the day's activities. Whatever is your morning ritual take the time to feel these five elements within your body and give thanks for their presence.

A simple visualization ritual would go a long way to connect with the elements and feel their presence right where you are.


Sit in a quiet space for a few minutes in the morning. Take in a few deep breaths. As your mind settles in for an inner scene, imagine yourself seated on the shore of an ocean. See the sun in its orange hue in the horizon. The soft moist gentle touch of the ocean breeze brushing your whole being. Feel the earth below you. Hear the roar of the ocean waves moving forward and breaking into a gentle stretch of water at the shore and receding gently.

Stay in this space, sense your body melt into this vision and feel oneness with the five elements.

Five Elements Within

Offer a prayer to these beautiful elements that have constituted your body temple.


Dear Mother Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space, thank you for blessing me with this radiant, healthy and vital Divine Body Temple.


Feel the five elements as your skin and inner structures, the fluids, light and energy in your body, the air and space within. Feel grateful as they have shaped the form of your divine body temple for the indwelling spirit. Slowly come back into the awareness of your body in your room or space.

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