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Coaching Session with

Dr. Sai Sumana P, PhD

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As a Coach I love to connect to the core of a person, the inherent soul power that is in each of us and empower people to live their highest potential from a space of integrity, honesty and mutual respect.

   I am intuitive of people's verbal and non-verbal communication and sense energies that enables me to work with a knowing of motives behind human interactions. Whatever your goal for coaching is regarding Career, Mental/Emotional/Physical Health, Finances, Relations, etc., I can support your life/healing path from a very compassionate and deeply insightful understanding.

With a broad exposure to various cultures of the world since childhood and also living in India and the US, I connect to the socio-cultural condition of every person besides their soul nature to support one's inner calling or help tide through life's challenges with wisdom.


For interests specifically for only Distant Healing sessions without a coaching session visit ​

Education and Certifications

  • Ph.D. Industrial Pharmacy. Purdue, USA

  • Regulatory Compliance Graduate Certification. Purdue, USA

  • Capital Markets Professional Certification. NYIF, USA

  • Project Management Specialization Certification. UCI, USA

  • Business Analytics Certification. Wharton, USA

Reiki Master Certified. USA

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