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About: Shreem Petals

Dr. Sai Sumana P, PhD

Namaskaram. Shreem Petals was inspired during a meditative session in 2020 as a reflection to offer services through creative expression. Going within was a long journey graced with the love, inner guidance and teachings of Avatars and Masters. Sweet Lord Ganesha, Beloved Guru Sathya Sai Baba, Ramana Maharishi, Amma, Babaji, Yogananda, Jesus, Sadhguru and many embodiments of that One guiding us to our wholeness, pranams.

   Finding avenues that enable one to experience well-being and peace such as Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda and Sacred Sites Journey have been a lifelong interest. With a background in Pharma, developing drug products and researching their applicability to indications of the gross body, the aspect of healing the subtle body is not touched upon and thus piqued an interest in Reiki, Quantum healing, Tarot and Crystal Therapy in 2011 for my own healing.

     Incorporating alternative pathways to healing of the subtle body in different phases of my life I have experienced a holistic path for myself. Application of these modalities in a judicious combination with well researched pharmaceutical treatment is a wonderful way to treat the body as a whole when we are in different stages of personal growth. Finding a balance of approaching allopathic medicine with holistic healing has been an ongoing journey.

    I have found the greatest healing in my personal practice of energy healing and other modalities in combination with meditation, and sustained with principles of healthy living. As a certified Reiki Master practitioner, look forward to support your well-being in Distance Reiki Sessions and other holistic paths.

I have also trained with Arthur Findlay college in psychic/mediumship courses.  I combine the inherent meditative state that each one of us is capable of, to tune in for guidance or support for your healing and life journey.


For more information on my approach to Distant Quantum Reiki Healing sessions and Sacred Spaces visit ​

Education and Certifications

Ph.D. Industrial Pharmacy. 2011, USA

Reiki Master Certified. 2012, USA

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Every thought, word and deed we engage in leaves an energetic impression in the subtle body which in turn affects the gross body. Living in integrity with purity of thought, word and deed and a congruence of these values in daily life with an honest inner view of oneself, ensures one a peaceful mind. There is enough scientific research showing effects of the mind on health. Whatever practice enables one to master their own mind facilitating a peaceful, balanced inner state and living a healthy lifestyle, then coming into wholeness on many levels is a natural state that was always there within.

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