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Our Health

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Our Health
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A platform Bridging Health Care Modalities through Education & Research for various Health Conditions





Our Health is a platform to share information and also participate in bridging different health care practices through education, evidence based research and personal experience.

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Dr. Sai Sumana P, PhD (USA)

Pharma Consultant, Reiki Master & Coach


Certified in: Regulatory & Quality Compliance,

Project Management, 

Business Analytics,

Capital Markets

Dr. Sai Sumana,  has more than a decade of Pharmaceutical experience in R&D contract work with Big Pharma, CRO/CMOs and also in leading Universities with Teaching and Research. She is also a Pharma Consultant and creative Web designer.

As a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Empowerment Coach she combines the vast knowledge and experience of pharmaceuticals through preclinical, clinical trials and their manufacturing for regulatory submissions with lifelong interests in holistic healing paths to educate and provide an empathic space for healing of the body and mind in tune with our spirit.

Background & Objectives

  • The initiative to outline a platform to bridge regular medical care and alternative health care began in 2020 following a personal health care regimen combining the two and also observation of patients and participation in pharma care at free health care camps. 

  • From late 2019 as I was paying closer attention to my own health in healing from few conditions, I started to apply evidence based research articles and also my own observations relating to diagnostics, medicines, correlation of health conditions, food, as well as alternative health care through various paths as Reiki, Quantum healing, Yoga etc. All these empowered me to better understand my health conditions and started my personal journey to integrate the knowledge of various health care modalities.

  • Doing R&D for drug products for treatment of diseased states although was a profession, I had a personal preference for alternative paths specifically from 2012 when I first started out as a energy healer for my personal practice. Not until I made a conscious shift to integrate the research based knowledge of allopathic/alternative health care in 2020 by approaching health with intuition, as listening to my body in any health approach, did the urge to support other humans going through their health challenges with a platform for holistic health began.

  • Although there is progress in evidence based research showing some holistic modalities (Ex: Meditation, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc.,) are very effective in health care along with regular medical care, many holistic modalities though very effective don't have significantly more available statistical evidence as in a clinical trial setting. 

  • The aim of Our Health platform is to provide information from reviews and experience with different health care modalities for specific diseased states and also healing from either or combined use of various health care practices as regular medical care and holistic care.

  • As medication is highly regulated for safety of a patient, this platform also assists NPOs in any needed regulatory support in free medical camps. 


Core Principles

  • Over the years since 2020 the distinct guideposts that have supported me were: 

  • LISTENING TO YOUR BODY. Anytime our body shows some symptoms it is time to give it our attention and most times it is something that we may have neglected and perceived early on. Whether one is stressed from an environment, or taking food that is not of the best vibration etc., varied reasons that one has. Just take time to speak with your body through various approaches that help you quiet down your mind and go within.

  • DIAGNOSTICS. There is nothing more empowering than routinely getting diagnostic tests at a local diagnostic center. Educate yourself on the basic tests/scans etc.

  • CHOOSE AN APPROPRIATE HEALTH CARE GIVER. Whatever is your preference in a health care giver, ensure they are a vibrational match to what you are seeking, maybe mutual respect, compassion, skill (especially in surgeries), you want to be heard as a whole person or any other qualities where you feel they are a good fit for you. Do your research on any health care giver whether allopathic/alternative. Sometimes the greatest healing force is empathy and compassion and it can have a real affect to your overall well-being.

  • EDUCATE YOURSELF. Have an in-depth knowing of your health condition if you prefer, it can support your health like a strong anchor to refer to always. This can vary with various modalities, given in some energy healing modalities, just the belief or knowing you are healed can be a huge boost to heal yourself.

  • FOOD & EXERCISE. The age old wisdom of eating healthy and moving the body never fails.

  • ALTERNATIVE/ALLOPATHIC CARE. This is a highly individual preference as the body, mind and spirit correlation in each person is different. Whatever path one chooses, it never hurts to try either one or combine both for a holistic healing. Sometimes the allopathic route is the fastest when one's health condition warrants it or when the ability in taking care of oneself through good health habits is not followed upon or just these habits alone don't seem to work for a health condition. It is good to be aware of drug labels, side effects, drug drug interactions, drug food interactions of the medicines you take and also any drug recalls etc., especially with allopathic care but also with alternative care where herbs etc., are used.

  • MEDITATION, AWARENESS, MINDSET, PRAYERS, BELIEF etc.. This has been the greatest support and sometimes what we call as miracles really do reveal themselves in our health. When we live our life tuned into our spirit as Awareness that we are, live according to what feels true for our being, or seek the support of high vibration energy beings in whatever faith one takes to,  there is a subtle healing going on that translates to your gross body.

  • TIME IS THE BEST HEALER. Whether you approach life with time linearity or tap into living in presence, having belief or faith that a condition will improve helps significantly or just accepting what is at the moment and putting in effort to treat a condition with whatever modality you are drawn to.

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