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Guru Purnima: Remembering the Message

The Guru Within.

Reiki Workshop Altar

On this sacred occasion of Guru Purnima loving memories of the Guru guiding us towards self-realization the true purpose of life. Past few days leading up to Guru Purnima, I was recollecting a vivid dream of Baba that occurred a decade ago. Last night I was ruminating on this dream message and also about a thought that seemed to arise with it. “How Baba is so benevolent as a Guru, that he would prefer we live in consciousness of our own divinity than reflect only on his or other being's divinity when praying to them or seeking their guidance as though outside of ourselves”. While I was reflecting on this thought, it gave me goose bumps as I saw a bright flash of blue light in the dark on an adjacent wall where Baba’s picture was located. It occurred as though in confirmation to my thought. The familiar feeling of Baba’s presence was undeniable and I couldn't hold back my tears reflecting on the selflessness of the Guru for our spiritual growth.

Reiki Workshop

Getting back to the dream, this one dream always stopped me in my tracks whenever I remembered it, as it was deep and profound. During my Reiki training period the connection to the subtle realms seemed to occur more frequently with ease and the dream is intricately connected to this period. I had begun a workshop for Reiki I and II attunement during a weekend of October 2011 at Bloomington, Indiana. With the workshop location being a little more than a 2 hr. drive, I decided to stay at the beautiful Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural center, TMBCC, at Bloomington over the weekend and commute to the Reiki workshop which was a short distance away at a beautiful Yurt by the woods. I had subtle spiritual experiences during my stay at the Tibetan center while attending the first workshop.

TMBCC Spring 2012

Reiki Workshop Continued

In the following year of spring 2012 completed the Reiki III attunement over the weekend of March 24th-25th. During this second workshop, I would make long commutes back and forth daily to the Yurt location in Bloomington, waking up early and filling the early morning and evening drives with sacred music. Two days prior to the Reiki III schedule, as I was contemplating on whether I should sign up to complete the training, I asked to be shown a sign. I woke up the next day to a dream of seeing Baba’s picture and a Reiki teacher. Taking it as a sign registered for the workshop. .

Reiki Workshop Yurt

Reiki Altar

For this retreat, the participants were asked to bring some item that was meaningful to them and place at the altar for the session. I decided to take Baba’s picture, a rose quartz bracelet and an amethyst geode, but with some lingering doubts on whether anyone at the retreat would recognize Baba’s picture.

On the first day of this retreat on 24th, after placing Baba's picture at the altar in the center of the beautiful workshop Yurt, a fellow participant later inquired of the picture. I was rather surprised they knew Baba and we began a short conversation on Baba. The next day on 25th, we further continued our conversation on Baba. They mentioned how Baba showed them in their dream that occurred a long time ago a secret trinket they kept, which only they were aware of. I was elated at their revelation and mentioned to them that I had a dream of Baba the previous night. This dream was significant as it was based on a Reiki exercise we had done the previous day. In the exercise we were asked to seek a message for any situation as we sleep and see what comes through in the dream state on the night of 24th. I had done the exercise and lo! Baba appeared giving a clear message. So I was joyfully mentioning to the fellow participant “Baba knows our deepest secrets”.

That was all we talked of Baba during the retreat which ended early evening, after which I drove back home. .

The Dream

Fast forward to 28th three days later, I woke up to a vivid dream of Baba which left me numb as I opened my eyes remembering what had just transpired in the dream, both for the message and the timing. I couldn’t get to move for a while and just lay there in a daze letting it all sink in, as happens when in loss of time and space. In the dream, Baba was giving Darshan and looked lovingly with his gaze towards me for a long time. This had synchronicity as I had just completed a gazing exercise on the final day of the Reiki workshop and had spent some time gazing at Baba’s picture during the exercise. Then as he was later seated in the dream, I went up to him and he held out his hand towards me which I lovingly grasped and held as he began to speak to me directly

“Who knows your deepest secrets? But yourself, and that your-self is Swami”.

Tears welled up as the depth of his message started to become clear and also because he was picking up a conversation that had trailed off the previous week at the workshop. Not only was the timing and message so heartwarming, but for the very first time he gave an experience of what it meant to be - I and You are One.

This message of relating the Divine and our spirit as one was there in understanding so far, but not as a personal experience. This dream shifted the perception and always felt like a guidepost to the journey within, an ongoing one. On this sacred occasion of Guru Purnima a prayer to all the Gurus that lead one towards self-realization. This reminds me of how Lord Hanuman lived by, which Baba would mention in several discourses. In the realm of his body, Hanuman considered Lord Rama as his master, at the mental level, himself as a spark of Divine and at the level of spirit, Oneness with Rama.

Salutations to Guru Within

As I further reflect on the dream, I had missed the significance of his palm in relation to Reiki, which leaves me speechless after a decade.

Loving Pranams.


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