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Cleanse, Relax

Ease into your Serene Presence

Heal with Quantum Reiki, Crystals, Tarot

In every sacred space we have the opportunity to connect with our inner essence setting the pace for healing to occur. Take the time to reflect within as it assists every aspect of life. May you Blossom to your Divine Wholeness.

Sei Hei Ki.  Receive Long Distance Reiki Healing with Reiki Symbols. 

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My Approach

  • As a certified Reiki Master practitioner, I prepare ahead of the session to create a Sacred Space on the gross-subtle levels specific for Distant Reiki Healing and offer a prayer to the beings of higher consciousness. 

  • Sacred Space creation is done with a combination of Meditative Practice, Quantum healing approach, Music, Crystals and various resources for Auspiciousness.

  • When we connect at the remote Reiki long distance healing session, I lead you through a short meditative practice followed by Reiki for healing and balance of your seven chakras: Muladhara Root chakra, Svadhisthana Sacral chakra, Manipura Solar chakra, Anahata Heart chakra, Vishuddhi Throat chakra, Ajna Third eye chakra and Sahasrara Crown chakra.

  • Note: I may convey intuitive visions or messages received during Reiki session and/or with oracle/tarot at the end of the session for few minutes. I don't do specific readings, but will share messages that flow during our meeting. You may have a specific intent for physical, mental or emotional healing for Reiki. 

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Note: All Reiki sessions are Remote/Distant.

Sacred Space Creation for Events

On an occasion of your important events at your home or business, I provide an artistic floral design as a sacred space/sacred geometry/altar (done on the floor/ground at your space) with intent to cleanse the space and restore the space to sacred vibrations for auspiciousness. This is done with various natural earth resources: lamps, flowers, cleansing with charged waters, incense, essential oils/fragrances, crystals, etc., and also with music, quantum approach, meditation and prayers for touching upon the gross and subtle spaces. 

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Reiki Session

Reiki is a holistic healing modality where we connect with Chi or Prana, the life force energy for healing. Enter a Sacred Space to nurture your well-being. Check with a few guidelines below on how to prepare for the remote Reiki session.

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Guidelines for Session     

(For Online Video Customers)

*For other Remote Reiki sessions (no Online Video Session) plan to be in Silence during Reiki

Plan a day in advance of the session to follow guidelines, so as to be in a more receptive state.

  • Exercise/Walk/Do Yoga to keep energy moving.

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.

  • Do the best you can to watch your vibration based on your thought, word and deed.

  • Practice centering (deep breathing, being in nature etc.,) or engage in a hobby to be cheerful.

All sessions to abide with integrity and confidentiality and no recording or relaying permitted.

  • At the session, we get to know your intention for Reiki, spend few minutes to center within followed by Distance Reiki. For Reiki you can lie down wherever you are comfortable and need not be seen, however, advice to keep ready a picture of yourself at the virtual screen if you are not been seen.

  • Going into a deep sleep state at times during Reiki is normal. Will gently ease you out if you are in a sleep state at the end of session, so it would be good to lie down within hearing distance of your system at the start of Reiki.

  • If you don't wake up at the end of a session, slowly ease out whenever you wake up, drink water and ground yourself. Stay in a peaceful state and avoid going out into public spaces right away. Let the energy work through in a gentle way till you feel grounded and ready to do any activity.

Disclaimer: For any health conditions kindly continue to seek and follow through with your health care provider. Reiki supports healing on a holistic level. Make an informed decision regarding health and well-being using regular medical care, diagnostics and living a healthy lifestyle in any holistic healing approach.


Wishing you good health.


Session Guidelines
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